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Rainbow Biome#2248

A New Biome Called, Rainbow Biome With Some New things 1 New Sword,1 New Pickaxe,3 New Materials,2 new Creatures…1 New Agressive Creature…Sword = A Rainbow Sword,When Destroyed A Thing Or Killed 3 Rainbow Meteor’s Fall From Sky Random Area | PickAxe = Rainbow too… Effect = A Fairy Will APPEAR | Materials… = Rainbow Coal Which Need to make the Rainbow Sword Can be used to Make Iron Or Gold too | The other material = Rainbow Ore… When On Fornace Will Turn In to A Rainbow Ingot Which Need To be used To make the Rainbow Sword And Pickaxe… | The Rainbow PickAxe Don’t need Rainbow Coal,Well That’s A Idea… | Creatures = Rainbow Turtle When Killed Will Drop Rainbow Turtle Shell Which need to make Rainbow Sword And PickAxe… Spawn = Anytime | Other creatures =Rainbow Pig When Killed drop Rainbow Pig Meat When Meat Cooked Will Regen 150 Of energy Will Regen 5 Heart’s… | Agressive creature = Rainbow Wolf When Killed will Drop Rainbow Wolf Meat Same thing As Pig meat Regen…
Other thing Land Price Every will be Near to 15,000 Or 30,000

a year ago